As a Source of Career Studies

About JICS

JICS is a non-profit institution, established to attain the following philosophy of Riasec Inc.

  • Creating a chance for everyone to be self-confident
  • Creating a chance for everyone to work with self-confidence

The main activities of the institution are the following.

< Research >

  • Basic research on basic skills and working performance
  • Research of career development through the next generation labor market
  • Cross-country comparison on career developement

< Survey >

  • Survey on basic skills of young ages (evaluations of curriculums)
  • Acquiring current status of career studies in higher education institutions
  • Acquiring topics in oversea career studies

< Transmit >

  • Transmitting fruits of research to the society
  • Reporting leading-edge trend through out seminars once a year


  • Masayuki Kakuhou
  • Naoki Matsumura
  • Fumiaki Hirata